Blog Review: The Tangential

There are plenty of local websites writing funny things. The Tangential is one of them, but they’ve hit on something a little broader, that sometimes makes it more interesting to read. It’s sort of a Chuck Klosterman wannabe thing, except usually it’s pretty good.* The site’s motto is “Don’t be boring. Don’t suck.” Truthfully, these are the only two qualifications I have for friendship (which leads to a lot of my friends drunkenly swearing off women and, upon confrontation that they won’t really abstain, drunkenly yelling “in vino veritas, man!”).

I suppose, then, The Tangential is my friend, because it’s not really boring and it doesn’t really suck. The content is well written, but never forget: this is a blog, just like every other daily content website is a blog. News websites try to act all like they’re not blogs but they definitely are, too. But The Tangential has an editorial process, and it shows.

So what kind of comedy can you expect from this website? Hipster comedy. And I don’t mean comedy about hipsters, I mean Hipster Comedy. It’s like Latino Comedy or Observational Humor. One main contributor is a sociology professor and another is a writer at an ad agency. Yet another teaches in a public school that I attended for two years. But they all have one thing in common: hipsters. They write as and for hipsters. So if you’re not ready for essays entitled Megan Boyle talks about poetry, alt lit, and “Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee” or an entire category called “low-culture” (misuse of hyphen, but I like them so I won’t point it out. Also, the URL doesn’t say “low-culture;” it says “television.” Hipsters.) that is really just about everyday life because we’re so hip because we’re just so normal, then avoid this website.

But really: this is some funny shit. You should read it.

*No one is Chuck Klosterman. Not even the man himself.

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